Researching Google Style

I recently was able to present a couple of sessions at the first Korean Google Apps for Education summit, held at Seoul Foreign School. These events are always high energy whirlwinds, and I’m always left impressed by the many innovative things that people are doing with their students.

In one session, I focused on using various Google tools (Google Scholar, News, and Books) and conducting smarter Google searches when undertaking research. While the slides from my presentation are really just an outline, they may help to build an understanding of just how much is possible when you dig deeper with these very helpful free resources.

As with most things Google, the various interfaces, toolbars, and menu options for these tools regularly change as the products are improved. In its attempt to simplify things (which will be appreciated by the majority of users), advanced settings and features can sometimes become hidden away. But these options can be critical to allowing users to explore the full potential of a given tool, and so it’s worth spending some time playing around and finding the settings and filters that can help you to become a more effective researcher.

2 thoughts on “Researching Google Style

  1. Hey Brian,

    Would have loved to be at one (or all) of your presentations. I hope you don’t mind if I presume to make a suggestion regarding your slides (sheerly out of personal need!)

    When I make slides for presentations I have started putting the title of the videos on the slides in which they are embedded so that people I share with can go “fetch ’em.”

    There it is. The ugly face of self-concern. I want MORE from you. Where can I find these great resources you have found and shared with others?

    Always a pleasure reading this blog.

    Sean over


  2. Thanks for stopping by Sean!

    Great idea, and so I’ve added the source for each in the slides (there’s a source link at the bottom of the slide, and the info’s also in the speaker notes). Hope the videos are of some use!



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