Apple Distinguished Educator 2011 Application

The end of the school year is sneaking up on us, and I’m also several weeks into the last course for my Master of Educational Technology degree, which will last me well into the summer. Add to that an impending apartment move, the usual summer vacation planning, and an impending wedding to plan, and, well, things have been very busy lately!

I made a point though to put some quality time into creating my application for the 2011 run of the Apple Distinguished Educator program here in Japan. I was disappointed to not be accepted last year, as I feel that this program opens the door to a great network of like-minded educators both locally and around the world. I’m still a little lost as to what exactly they’re looking for in potential applicants, but hopeful what I put together is a good representation of how I see my role in our school.

The video application is below, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated (but please be gentle, I hate talking about myself!)

Brian Farrell Apple Distinguished Educator 2011 Application from Brian Farrell on Vimeo.


16 thoughts on “Apple Distinguished Educator 2011 Application

  1. Very inspiring – you’re doing great things with technology for your students. Congratulations to you for the courage to tread new ground.


  2. Great Job Brian.

    Your narration is excellent, I really like the pace and the thoughts. That’s in part why I think the simple ‘sped up footage/tilt shift style’ works well, because what you have to say is written well.

    The only thought I had was that I don’t see you (apart from some very fast walking..Nana has trained you well) I’m not sure what else you have had to submit, but just thought it could be a consideration…..



  3. Thanks Luke. The benefit of being into photography is that I get to remain away from the pointy side of the camera.


  4. Thanks Kim! I had some other ideas like doing a take on Common Craft, but the end of the year is always so busy! Genki’s video last year was fantastic, and certainly my main point of inspiration.


  5. Brian,

    A simple effective (and clever!) style to tell who you are and what you believe about education.

    I applaud your courage in posting your application video for others to critique.

    You seem like just the kind of educator that should be part of the ADE program. Best of luck!


  6. Just had a second look… you may not like your voice on video but I do. The whole thing is thought provoking and very well done.


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  8. Very nice video. You are doing exactly what Apple expects educators to do with technology. I would say it’s a great example of a typical application but not necessarily an extraordinary one. Keep in mind that the bar is now 1:1 with devices. There are very few people that get selected for this. Keep up the effort though. They really look for results more than process. You have to show that because of your efforts using ‘their’ technogy, some demographic went up. It has to be backed up with data.


  9. The video is great quality and your voice over was excellent. However you didn’t really talk directly about Apple products, you did show students using apples but I feel they wanted something that showcased how Apple products have directly affected your approach in the classroom/library. Don’t give it up just come at it from a more “Apple orientated” angle and I’m sure you will be accepted.


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