D-day approaches

Tomorrow we will be installing our new (to us) library management software from Follett. This has been a long time coming, and I’ll be happy when it’s up and running (it seems more than just a bit inefficient for me to be constantly answering emails about what we do or do not have in our collection).

While I’m happy that the new platform will be web-based, I can’t say that I’m really pleased with its interface.  Unfortunately Follett has kind of begun to take over the world when it comes to library management software, so there aren’t a lot of alternatives out there at the moment (not that I vehemently dislike their products or anything, I just always like to have other options).  Hopefully something more user-friendly and visually appealing will come along eventually.  I’m pretty sure the IT department here would have my head if I look for something different too soon, but for now this will have to work as a first step in the right direction.

Break week next week.  I’ll be on my first trip south of the equator – tough life, I know.

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