Travels in the night

We’ve got Tanya Batt with us today to speak to our early learning, elementary and grade nine students.  It should be a good day, and I hope our kids enjoy their time with her.  I’ll post some reflections and photos of our day later.

From a personal perspective, it was cool going to meet her at the airport bus last night.  It felt like I had my own guest coming to visit, which I’m now really looking forward to.  In my dark and shady past I worked at a tourist information centre, (any Canadians remember “A place to live, a place to grow, Ontary ary ary O”? – they need to go back to that song) and I really enjoyed meeting travelers from all over and telling them about the local sights.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that working there was kind of a prelude to working in a library really – helping people find things, researching information about places to stay, and just generally telling people where to go 🙂

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