iSAN 2008

Saturday brought a beautiful sunny day that found me stuck inside.  The Tokyo iSAN summit brought together quite a dynamic group, and was a great opportunity to dedicate the time to playing around with some Apple software.  I’ve used most of these programs before, but software tends to be a little different than riding a bike – if you aren’t using it regularly, you can tend to forget some of the features.  This weekend also presented my first foray into the world of Garage Band, which was fun, but I’m not sure when I’ll use it again any time soon.

Having just moved here, it was nice to network and get to put some faces to names, and I did get a chance to play around with some pretty cool new (to me) software like Skitch (thanks Brian L).

2 thoughts on “iSAN 2008

  1. check my blog (cool web tools page) for some other cool apps.

    ps. i kinda like your title but really would love to hear the correct pronunciation


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